About Me & Our Conscious Trade Mission

ReneeIn my early years I grew up in the Maine woods in a little cabin surrounded by the natural world. My life was filled with art and handmade textiles and baskets crafted by my mother. We lived in a beautiful community of artists. As I grew, I became inspired to travel the far reaches alone. I spent many years exploring and adventuring around the globe. My heart grew to encompass all of the artists and crafters I was meeting along the way. A vision formed for me to create a lifestyle where I was helping to support handmade works, and the people who make their living in this way. I then began my collaboration and design process to bring you this brand. I believe that following your heart to fulfill your dreams leads to pure happiness. This is how I have chosen to direct my life. Discovering a sense of purpose for myself happened in 2000, and started by taking a single step…or perhaps more of a leap!

As the buyer for Waterlily, sometimes I find myself drinking chai with the chai wallas on the streets of Jaipur, or riding a camel through the Thar Desert. Sometimes I find myself in the temples of Northern Thailand discussing dogma with the monks. Or sometimes I find myself wandering through the forests, meadows and beaches of Atlantic coastal Maine gathering stones and feathers. Our brand is about the journey, the exploration, the inspiration¬† …wherever that takes you! We welcome you on our journey. Feel free to connect and come along!

Renee Garland
founder and designer, Waterlily